Q: What do you guys have at Chandler Powersports?

A: We have a wide selection of new and pre owed ATVs, UTVs, Scooters, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes and Electric Bikes

Q: What do you guys service at Chandler Powersports?

A: We service pretty much anything out there. Doesn't matter the brand, size or age. If you have any concerns call us first.

Q: Can we test drive your products to get a feel for them?

A: Yes, we have a back ally that's paved and empty dirt lots behind our shop to get a feel for all off road vehicles. Scooters and motorcycles can be taken out onto the main road.

Q: How much does insurance cost for Scooter?

A: Insurance is generally about $100 a year, so it's very inexpensive.

Q: Are Scooters hard to ride?

A: If you can ride a bicycle, you can drive a Scooter! All the controls are done with your hands and unlike a motorcycle, there is no shifting! It's all automatic!

Q: What kind of fuel mileage will my new Scooter get?

A: Most Scooters should get between 60 and 90 miles per gallon gas!

Q: Is there financing available for Scooters?

A: YES! We have financing available and some loans as low as 1.9% to qualified individuals. We also have financing for those with less than perfect credit.

Q: What kind of engine oil does my Scooter take?

A: We recommend 15w-40 in the fall/winter months and 20w-50 in the summer but you should check the owners manual for your particular Scooter.

Q: I didn't buy my Scooter at Performance Scooter, will you still work on it? And what about warranty work?

A: Yes! We work on most all brands of Scooters! And for warranty work, any Kymco or Genuine brand can have warranty work completed at any authorized dealership in the valley Including Chandler Powersports!